At Certified Language Solutions, we are a team of dedicated language professionals who have a passion for culture, diversity and people. We love what we do and are resourceful and determined when developing solutions that work. We enjoy to see how our services help to connect individuals, organizations and even countries.

We offer language services to individuals and organizations of all sizes, including government agencies, medical centers, research centers, and educational institutions. We have a team of certified language professionals that allow us to handle any size project on a cost effective and immediate basis. Our extensive resources and careful attention to detail mean we deliver results you can trust. Unpredictable deadlines and last minute changes are accepted in a friendly, open, and professional manner. Our mission is to be absolutely right, in any language. Most important, our offerings of diverse variances of a language do not mean that we have to increase the rates.

We offer professional translation services in several languages such as English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish,Hebrew, Russian and more.

You might be able to find several organizations offering translation services that use translation software and/or stored templates to translate documents for their clients. Documents translated by such software are never 100% accurate and correct because software are not intelligent. The results of this method could be terrible because translation software cannot distinguish the tone and background of the content.

Our translators never use translation software to make sure the message is accurately rendered into the other language. Professionalism and expertise are what our translators rely on. Therefore, the translated text appears to be an original one.

We follow the requirements for business and education document translation and are extremely experienced in dealing with translation regulations of different US private and public institutions. For example, we can guarantee your document will be acceptable for submission to the United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS).

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